Welcome to El Cajon Speedway!

Official Fan Website of El Cajon

This is an official fan website of Cajon Speedway – the fastest 3/8 mile paved oval on the West Coast! Cajon Speedway is located in El Cajon, California. We are about 15 miles east of San Diego. We’ve been in operation since 1961. Throughout the 1990s, Cajon Speedway was the home of the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge. Unfortunately, we’ve been on a hiatus since 2005… However, we are keeping our spirits up for a resumption of the Speedway!

As automotive enthusiasts, we’ve created this website to act as an official fan website for the El Cajon Speedway. We’d like to preserve the legacy of the track! If you’ve got any questions or comments, then we’d love to hear them! Also, you can view photos, discover history, and read our blog.


Track Information

El Cajon Speedway

In 2002, El Cajon Speedway will complete the 42nd racing season. El Cajon will feature the NASCAR Southwest Series, Late Model Sportsman, Grand American Modifieds, Street, Pony, and Bomber stock cars. Additionally, we will host the Supermodified Racing League,  USAC “Western States” Sprint Cars, the new USAC Ford Midget series, Pro-Four modifieds, Speed Trucks, Allison Legacy cars, and Legend cars. Welcome to the Cajon Speedway! We have an exciting racing season planned for Cajon, California! If you’d like to view our photos, then you can do so here.

We provide parking for $1. We have parking lots on both sides of the track, but we can only accommodate 1500 cars. If you don’t want to miss out on the racing, then be sure to arrive early!

Track Location

El Cajon Speedway is situated on 40 acres adjacent to the Gillespie Airport in El Cajon, California. The track features a banked asphalt surface surrounded by a concrete crash wall and safety fences. El Cajon 3/8 of a mile. Additionally, each turn is banked from 5 to 12 to 18 degrees in a three groove parabolic style – for great racing. As for the seating, the track has room for 6,000 fans.

Do you need directions to El Cajon Speedway? Well, we have you covered. You need to take Interstate 8 to El Cajon, CA. Then, you will go North on Highway 67 and exit before Bradley. After exiting Highway 67, you’ll go left 2 blocks until you reach Wing Street. After reaching wing street, you will drive right 1 block to reach the track entrance! If that is too confusing, then simply use your GPS! We are updated with all the modern mapping technology.

Track Titles

The Late Model Sportsman division will compete for the Pacific Coast Regional Championship in the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge. The Street Stocks will compete for the NASCAR Pacific Coast Regional Championship in the Exide Short Track Series. Fortunately, both championships have national recognition!

In order to determine the local track champions, a point system will be used to select the winners. As of 2001, the defending El Cajon champions are Todd McLauchlan (Sportsman), Ron Brown (Grand American modifieds), Rich Green Jr. (Streets), Ed Hale (Ponys), and Bob Wickey (Bombers).

Track Speeds

Do you know the track speeds at El Cajon? If you guessed 100 mph, then you’d be just under the fastest speed ever recorded at the track.

The fastest qualifying lap ever run at Cajon Speedway was 13.422 seconds (100.58 mph) by Davey Hamilton on June 9, 1990 in a Supermodified car. The fastest qualifying lap by a stock car is 15.381 (87.77 mph) by Bruce Bechtel in a NASCAR Southwest Series car.

Track Tickets

If you’re interested in attend races at El Cajon Speedway, then you’ll need to purchase a ticket in advance. Our tickets are available through Ticketmaster outlets.

Typically, ticket prices are relatively inexpensive. Ticket prices for regular races are $10.00 on the east side, but they are $9.00 on the west side. If you are bringing kids under 6, then they are free. However, these prices are for regular shows. Since demand is increased for special events, we have to individually price these races.

Racing Program

On normal nights of racing, we will host a 4-lap Trophy Dash, two 8-lap Heat Races for each division, and a Main Event (ranging from 20 to 40 laps) for each division. While the first race begins at 6:45 pm, the qualifying races start at 5:15 pm.


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