The Secret Behind Drive Thru Car Washes

Within Los Angeles, drive-through car washes are everywhere! Unfortunately, they aren’t very beneficial. Sure, they are convenient, affordable, and timely.. But there is one dirty secret that car wash owners don’t advertise – paint damage. When people use drive-through car washes, they are damaging their car’s paint. Are you aware of the potential damages of automated car washes? Well, these car washes will scratch the paint of your automobile. Honestly, drive-through car washes are the worst option when cleaning a car.

At Los Angeles Car Detailing, they recommend a professional car detailing service. In Los Angeles, there are plenty of mobile car detailing services to choose from. When we’ve used Los Angeles Auto Detailing, we’ve always been happy with the results. 

Okay, let’s dive further into the science behind drive-through car washes. Throughout the remainder of this blog post, we will cover the Los Angeles, California drive through car wash industry!

Car Wash in Los Angeles, CA

Do you have a local car wash near your house? If so, let’s consider the experience. They probably have extremely low prices, a line of cars waiting, and a paint killing machine waiting ahead. Unfortunately, hundreds of cars will go through this drive through car wash every week… The dirt from these dirty cars are left on the machines inside the car wash tunnel. 

When you enter the car wash, the car cleaning machines slap against your car. Although they may appear to clean your vehicle, do you actually think they do? If we clean our windows, we don’t take a towel and slap the surface. If our analysis is correct, then the friction of the cleaners leaves swirl marks on the paint. Additionally, the cleaning strings slap your car at high speeds. When combined, this is a recipe for disaster. However, it gets worse! After hundreds of cars have been through the car wash in Los Angeles, the cleaning machines are exceptionally dirty. After exiting the car appears clean from a distance, but the long term effects are devastating. 

Car Detailing in Los Angeles, California

If you’re trying to protect your paint, then you need to start hand washing your car. In Los Angeles, CA there are plenty of car detailing companies offering hand washing services. If you’d rather save some money, then you can hand wash your own car. 

After you stop using automated car washes, then you should get a paint correction. Typically, car detailing services will offer paint correction services. Paint correction will eliminate the swirl marks on your car, and it may eliminate all of the scratches on your car.